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Partners in Career Success Conference and Mini Job Fair

About the "Partners in Career Success" Brand

For its 2018 Career Conference, Let's Talk LD is pleased to announce that it is partnering with the College Internship Program Long Beach in producing “Partners in Career Success Conference and Mini Job Fair,” a re-imagining of the traditional career conference specifically designed for young people with learning differences and/or who are on the Autism Spectrum.

Although the law known as the Individuals With Disabilities Education Act, or IDEA, has long required schools to help students design “transition plans” and provide job training for their lives after graduation, a majority of adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities are unemployed or underemployed. According to a 2012 Bureau of Labor Statistics survey of disabled adults, that’s largely because of a lack of training and education, which respondents listed as the most common barrier to employment aside from the disabilities themselves (Retrieved from https://www.theatlantic.com/education/archive/2016/06/escaping-the-disability-trap/487070/ on 1/19/2018).

This conference is intended for: students who are beginning the process of thinking about their postsecondary avocation or vocational planning; parents who want to be a more effective partner in helping the student design her or his transition plan and identify appropriate job training opportunities in preparation for life after graduation; transition professionals, and; high school counselors.

The day’s program will take conference participants on a journey where they will explore how to develop skills in SETTING CAREER GOALS, ACQUIRING AND IMPROVING RELEVANT JOB SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE, ANALYZING CAREER TRENDS, and NETWORKING, REVIEWING AND UPDATING RESUME. 

About Let's Talk LD

Our organization, Let's Talk LD, is a local advocacy organization whose mandate is to animate the ecosystem of support for young people with learning differences through thought-leadership and innovation. Our mission is simple: Let’s Talk LD exists to serve as a beacon for young people with learning and attentional differences, and the caregivers and advocates who support them. At Let's Talk LD, we recognize that our mission is best realized through the embodiment of core values that center around coalition-building, acceptance, collaboration, transparency, and valuing differences. Let’s Talk LD envisions a world where youth with learning and attentional differences are empowered to release their gifts into the world, create opportunities for themselves, and realize their fullest human potential.

About College Internship Program

CIP Long Beach offers support services for young adults on the Autism spectrum and with ADHD and other learning differences as they transition to college, employment, and independent living.

CIP focuses on real-life skills in areas of social thinking, banking and budgeting, executive functioning strategies, sensory processing, and wellness.

Residential apartment living support prepares students for independent living
Each student’s vision and goals are explored by a team of staff that is dedicated to each student’s personal success.

CIP’s person-centered and strength-based approach helps students on their individual path to success — whether that’s getting a college degree, finding a job, making friends, or learning to live more independently.


College Internship Program Long Beach

4510 East Pacific Coast Highway

Suite 100

Long Beach, CA 90804

United States


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Partners in Career Success Conference and Mini-Job Fair SCHEDULE

Saturday, April 28, 2018

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM



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